Project Description

International Office for Migration
100-Bed Hospital Prototype


Project Size: 100,000 square feet
Completion: 2012
Architect: OWP/P Cannon Design

The IOM 100-bed Hospital Project was a joint planning effort between U.S. Agency for International Development and IOM to design a 100 bed prototype facility that could be used as a template for hospitals in the region. This prototype was then used to design, plan and prepare construction documents for facilities in Gardez and Ghanzi, Afghanistan Departments include Emergency, Surgery/Recovery, Labor & Delivery, Rehabilitation, Imaging, Central Sterile, Pharmacy, Patient Clinics (Surgery, Pediatrics, ENT, Gynecology, Ophthalmology), Lab and Medical/Surgical Patient Care areas. Walsh services rendered to date include Completion of the Medical Equipment Plan incorporating Middle East technology and manufacturers, and Design and Development of Summary Documents for Future Procurement.